Orange facial

Today I  will tell you how to make
 a natural orange facial
 which includes a cleanser,
 scrub and facial pack.
This facial will reduce the appearance
 of blemishes as well as brighten
and even skin tone. 

It's very effective and can easily
be made at home.

You will need the following ingredients.

Orange               =       1
Milk                   =       1 tablespoon
Honey                =       “ if you like to add “ ½ tablespoon
Rice flour           =       2 tablespoon
Gram flour         =       2 tablespoon
Rose water         =       2 tablespoon


First we need to make a natural cleanser.

Ingredients for Cleanser

Milk                      =        1 tablespoon
Orange Juice         =        1 tablespoon

Peel a fresh orange but don’t dispose of the peel as it will be used to create your facial pack later on. Juice the orange in a small bowl mix 1 tablespoon of the orange juice with 1 tablespoon of milk.

Now we need to prepare a facial scr…

Almonds benefits part 2


Almond available throughout the year, almond is a nut which can be found in almost all the world easily. Almond is enriched with vitamins, mineral and proteins. Almonds are full with these unique nutrients, Like Vitamin E, Manganese, copper, vitamin B2, phosphors, magnesium, and fiber. That’s why for centuries people are using Almonds because of its unique nutrients benefits. As I found some more rare Almonds benefits that’s why I decided to write a new article.It’s my 2nd article about Almond and its benefits; you can also found my last article about almond benefits under heading “HEALTHY AND GLOWING SKIN WITH ALMONDS”

Weight loss:

 If you are thinking about dieting to control or loss your weight then you must stop, Instead of this, if you add some almonds in your daily diet then surely you will lose your weight. This fact revealed in a medical research in USA. If you want to lose your weight then eat 40 gm almonds per day. Almonds are low in saturated fatty acids, rich in un…

Glowing and bright skin

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Every woman dreams of having glowing and bright skin. For this purpose, lots of women try different kinds of skin care products which are easily available in the market but they have no positive results. They never try to find the reasons behind the fact why they never get glowing and shiny skin. What are the reasons, why they failed to have beautiful skin? Users blame the products and it's side affects. Unfortunately many women do not realize that the main reason of dull, tired and darker skin is due to the lack of oxygen, poor sleep and low blood pressure in the body. Outside reasons are also very important just like sun rays, and other environmental affects such as dust and pollution can also cause different kinds of deadly diseases and allergies that can harm your skin. These are the main reasons why beauty creams fail and they provide little or no results.

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Yogurt benefits

Yogurt Everyone knows the benefits of yogurt, everyone can get it very easily. But some of us don't aware of its hidden benefit. There is a rich volume of lactic acid, calcium, fats, vitamins, and iron in yogurt. Using yogurt daily makes your skin younger and glowing.Yogurt affects on our health in many way, for example

it will increase our immune system

 Amino acid in yogurt helps burn fats mean it can loss your dislike weight.

 It can prevent you from stomach ulcer.

 Taking 2 cup yogurt daily is enough to prevent you from heart diseases.

Yogurt is rich with lactic acid and zinc which are best for hair. ( I will write another separate article about "yogurt benefits for hair")

 Right now I'm going to share some of my old home remedies which are very useful particularly for women face and skin.

Wonderful yogurt benefits for skin.

Best for face lightening:

 Yogurt can help you in various ways to make your face skin lightening and glowing. Take 2 take spoon yogur…

healthy and glowing skin with Almonds

Everyone wants to have a healthy and glowing skin. Market is full of these beauty stuff which can make  your skin surly beautiful and glowing. People  are looking happy and satisfied with these expensive beauty industry. But it's fact that they all are temporary only natural things can give you a permanent healthy glowing skin.
People think that being beautiful makes us happy but it's not the truth. You will be beautiful if you are happy from inside.

Today I want to share with you one more unique dry fruit  "ALMOND" it's not only useful for your skin but also for all your body system.

Almond is a rich dry fruit with nutrients including antioxidants vitamin E, Potassium, magnesium, plus omega 3. It can give you fair white skin. If you use these nuts regularly it can do wonders for your skin.

Here I'm going to give you a very easy home remedy for white skin.

 For face and hand massage :

 Almond oil = 10 ml (1tbs)

 Margosa leaves

 Basil leaves

Get some fresh l…

Carrots for skin whitnes


There's a very easy and natural way to make your skin white with carrots. Those who want a natural way to make themselves white this article is helpful for them. Lot of women are always carring only their faces coz the beauty creams and other beauty stuff is expensive that's  why they ignore other parts of their bodies like neck, hands, and foot.

Carrots are very useful vegetables which are full of vitamin A, C, D6, calcium, potassium proteins and iron. It's a best vegetable of winter. We all know that carrots and carrot juice can be extremely beneficial for the quality of skin. Many people spend an enormous amount of money on skincare products which are easily available in market than take
advantage of natural things. Most skincare products contain a variety of chemicals which can cause side effects. But people always neglect these problems. Drinking carrot juice regularly not only boast your energy level but also correct juice fix your digestion, and the overal…

Skin whitnes

Skin whitnes:
White or Fair skin is not the standard of beauty, in these days every one wants white and fair skin. There are lot of beauty creams, lotions, and skin whitnes pills available in market. The tragedy of this age is people only focus on the external things. They don't want to use those natural things which are blessing of God for human beings like fruits, vegetables and herbs. I'm not going to tell you any expensive beauty soap pills or creams brands. I'm going to explore some wonderful natural herbs and fruits which can do the same things.

Mint for white skin:

Take some fresh mint leaves and wash them. Take a litter water and add mint leaves let it boil for 10 minutes (boiling time always noted after appearing bubbles).Save this water in clean bottle or a glass jar. Use a cup of this water every day in early morning before breakfast. Repeat this method again when your mint water will finished. You will surely surprised to see the results after 2 weeks. It'…